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2018 Baseball Annual Championship.
Congratulations to Will Erickson, of Jacksonville, FL, the $4,000 winner.
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A testimonial from Will.

I have been with you since 2004 and have enjoyed playing in your fantasy drafts, which I think are the best with the best odds of winning.
Winning the 2018 Baseball Annual championship was I thrill and a exciting ride thru the season.
Fortunately for me and all the Sport's Fanatics contestants the odds are getting better each year, as the unfortunately for Mike,
the participation seems to be going down. So I urge all current and past contestants to play, as the prizes are real and the
odds of winning are fantastic. I don't personally want the added contestants but I do want Sports Fantatics Player Drafts
to continue for many years, as the prizes are the best and the updates and standings are posted daily.
I told Mike I would give him a great rating and to post this on the website, as I think his fantsy drafts are the best.

Thanks Mike, and Sports Fanatics Player Drafts, wish you well and keep up the great work.

2013 All Drafts Annual Championship.
Congratulations to Jason Recktenwald, of Pittsburgh, PA, the $7,500 winner.
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A testimonial from Jason.

To all past and future Sports Fanatics Player Drafts participants:

I started playing Mike's Sportsdrafts.com Baseball contests way back in 1997 when I was a freshman in college. I found that it was a good alternative to other contests which charge weekly transaction fees. These fees tend to add up pretty substantially by the end of the year. So if you enter a contest for $30, you end up having to spend another $700 or so if you want to be able to compete. With Mike's contests there were no hidden costs, just your entry fee up front. I had some success with baseball, so I moved on to football. I won the 1st prize of $2500 for the 2011 Superbowl and Playoff draft with only 4 entries entered, as my beloved Steelers played the Packers in the big game, just as i had predicted. So it was an easy win for me, since i had most of their players selected in each group. With that money in my pocket, i decided to make a run at the Annual Championships. I had never entered every contest before, so i was a little skeptical about how easy it would be to contend for the top prizes. In 2011 i did enter them all, but most of them were only with a few entries. At the end of the year, i ended up finishing in 10th place overall. Knowing i finished that high with such little effort, i decided that i would up my entries in 2012 and see where that would take me. I probably entered between 10-15 times in each contest, and did a lot more research for my selections, and it paid off. I ended up with a 2nd place overall finish, and a check for $5000 in 2012. I did the same thing this past year, and i ended up winning 1st overall, for $7500. For the year 2013 i ended up with a profit of almost $10,000, by only entering between 10-15 entries per contest. So for any of you willing to put in the time and research, I believe that you have an excellent chance to make a big profit with Mike's contests. They are fun, and the standings are easy to follow with the daily updates. I am looking forward to another big 2014, and i urge the rest of you to give it a shot, the $7500 prize can be yours with a little bit of time and research, and 10-15 entries per contest. If anyone has any questions or comments, please email me at jason97782@yahoo.com and i'll get back to you asap.

Thanks, Jason Recktenwald jason97782@yahoo.com
So good luck in 2014.

Below is a copy of Jason Recktenwald's winner's check from 2013 which he cashed on February 13th

Below is a copy of Jason Recktenwald's 2nd place check from 2012 which he cashed on February 20th

Thank you very much Jason for the kind words, and participation, and again congratulations,

2013 Baseballl Annual Championship.
Congratulations to Wayne Deja, of Lone Pine,CA. the $4,000 winner.
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A testimonial from Wayne

I've been playing Sports Fanatics Drafts since Mike and his wife first started their business in 1993.During the 90's played other sports fantasy games, but with the others, took months to get paid if you won a prize, and one of them even went out of business mid-season. After that, I made Sports Fanatics my only sports fantasy to enter. Mike always pays prizes soon after each draft is completed....keeps daily updates on the contestant standings, and posts upcoming drafts mid-month so as to be able to research and get ready for the next month's draft long before the due date. I've had some good luck in these drafts, but with a little work and time, anyone has a very good chance to win big money, not only monthly, but at the end of the season with the annual championships. Where I live ,in a small town in the High Sierras' in California, being "semi-retired", working short days, I put my time spent working on and keeping up with Sports Fanatics Drafts right up there with my time spent on the creeks trout fishing. nothing better than being at a campsite in the spring and summer fishing in the morning hours, and then in the afternoon-evening checking on how my fantasy teams did the previous night, and then maybe getting out the pen and papers working on the next months drafts. Whoever is thinking of playing fantasy sports, take my word on this..... Sports Fanatics Player Drafts IS THE ONE !!!.Any questions, comments or fishing stories please feel free to E-mail me at wayne3195455@yahoo.com...

Thanks, Wayne Deja wayne3195455@yahoo.com

Below is a copy of Wayne Deja' 1st place check from 2013 which he cashed in February of 2013.

Thank you very much Wayne for the kind words, and participation, and again congratulations,
2013 All Drafts Annual Championship.
Congratulations to Kenny Sprague, of Columbus, OH, the 4th place winner of $2,000.
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A testimonial from Kenny.

To all Sports Fanatics Player Drafts contestants current, the past and the future:

I started playing Sports Drafts around 2005 and played very little thru the years until 2012 when I started to play more often. Before 2012 I had never even finished in the top 100 places in the all drafts championship, but had won a few gift certificates and a few small checks over the years. After finishing in 43rd place in the all drafts in 2012, and surprised because I had missed a few drafts, and had not played but 1 or 2 entries in the drafts, I thought WOW! I decided I should up my participation as I had now won a few more prizes and received them within a week of the drafts finishing, so now not only was I more confident, I was also sure that Mike pays is prizes promptly. So in 2013 I started out the February drafts with about 3 to 5 entries in each draft, and by the end of June realized that I was in 4th place, in the all drafts, so I continued with around 3 to 5 entries in each draft. I did miss one draft during the year, can't remember which one, but it probably hurt me as I bounced around 3 to 6th place thru the year, but when I received my check for $2,000 on February 8th less than a week after the Superbowl, I was thrilled. I encourage anyone that is playing or thinking of playing Sports Drafts, the prizes are real, paid quickly and everyone I think has a chance to win big prizes, and you do not have to play big time to win either. Again thanks Mike and wish you well, and hope you stay in business for years to come, your the best. PS. Feel free to post this wherever you want, maybe it will encourage the contestants, but hopfully not enough to knock me down as I will play with you as long as you are around.

thanks, Kenny
Thanks for the kind words Kenny, and yes I plan on being around for many more years. Mike

2007 All Drafts Annual Championship.
Congratulations to Chris Jones, of Glendale Heights, IL, the $4,000 winner.
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A testimonial from Chris.

To all past and future Sports Drafts players: I first found Sports Drafts in the copy of Baseball Weekly way back in 1993, and have played every year since then. In the past I won a few contests so at the start of the 2007 season I felt that if I entered 14 times in each contest and varied my picks that I could win the Overall Championship and maybe a few along the way. I entered 14 entries in 25 of the 32 contests. However I did not get a single 1st place finish. I finished 2nd twice but my worst finish was 211th. This gave me 1st in the Overall Championship, winning the Overall Football was a great bonus since I never did that well in football before. I have received all of my prize money and would like to thank Mike for running a great site. I spent a lot of time in 2007 researching my picks and as you can see it pays off. In 2008 I'm scaling back my entries so it's up for grabs. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at csjones1331@gmail.com
Put Sports Drafts in the subject line and I will get back to you. So good luck in 2008. Thanks Chris Jones

Below is a copy of Chris Jones winner's check which he cashed on February 20th

Thank you very much Chris, and again congratulations,

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Sports Fanatics Player Drafts has been providing fantasy sports drafts since 1993. Our sports drafts include, fantasy baseball each month April thru September, fantasy baseball post season challenge, fantasy baseball playoffs and world series, full season fantasy football, fantasy football weekly team winners, fantasy football monthly October thru December, fantasy football post season challenge, fanasy football playoffs and super bowl, fantasy football for college bowls, fantasy basketball for the Men's NCAA tournament, fantasy basketball for the NBA in the form of monthly drafts January thru April, fantasy basketball for the NBA Playoffs, fantasy basketball for the months November thru December, and fantasy golf for the PGA and Senior PGA golf tournaments February thru August. Our fantasy sports drafts are fun and easy to play. All sports drafts offer online entry, online standings and point lists, online trading for the full season fantasy football, trades for the football are included in the entry fee, and all fantasy football contestants are allowed 16 trades each, which keeps every contestant on the same playing field so to speak. All contestant player selections are listed in rank order first to last place for all monthly and playoff sports drafts, to better help the contestants follow the standings. We also offer our 5 annual championships with automatic entry when entering a fantasy sports drafts. The 5 annual championships will offer an additional $70,000 in prizes. All of our fantasy sports drafts and annual championships have guaranteed prizes, and the prize money is NOT based on entries received like most of our competitors. All winners payments are sent out within 5 days of the completion of the fantasy draft. We hope that our fantasy sports provide excitement in fantasy sports as well as providing our contestants another outlet in enjoying baseball, basketball, football and golf.

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