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My basic philosophy has not changed in the 20 years we have been in business, however I have found how time consuming and demanding this business can be. Our fantasy drafts are designed for all sports fans, not just fantasy sports fans! We want our drafts to provide the participants a chance to enjoy sports even more with the added incentive of winning prizes. We feel that these drafts promote a better understanding of sports, better knowledge of who the actual athletes are, as well as a greater understanding of the rules of each sport.

Our goal is to run well organized fantasy drafts that are easy to understand, with earlier mailed updates and a personal touch. We mail out our monthly prizes by the 5th of the next month and our end of season prizes within seven days of the conclusion of the season. This is unlike most or all other drafts which don't pay out any of their monthly, weekly, or end of season prizes until after the season has ended, and in some cases several months later. Other companies drafts also require the winners to fill out lengthy reports, or what they call a qualifying statement, and, or release form. This we do not do. If you are a winner, your prize money will be sent to you with no further action on your part.


We also have a strong feeling about trades. Most other companies offer a certain number of trades, but then allow contestants to purchase additional trades at a price. This type of fantasy draft, with extra trades that cost a fee, encourage contestants to spend money on additional trades, which could become several hundred dollars. Some contestants will buy these extra trades and if you are not willing to spend this extra money you will have virtually no chance of winning any of the prizes.

Our drafts do not allow additional purchased trades, as we do not want to make it a buying war, we allow for a set number of trades at set prices and do not sell additional trades. This then will not allow anyone to buy additional trades and have an advantage over other contestants in winning prizes. Our intent is to keep everyone on a level playing field, so to speak, by not selling additional trades. Our football fantasy draft the entry fee includes 16 FREE trades as a maximum for the season and no additional trades are sold. Many of our competitors fantasy drafts sell unlimited trades at costs from $1.50 each trade to $20.00 for each trade.

Another opportunity we offer our current contestants are discounted fees in several of our drafts. For example, once you have played in one of our drafts, your entry fee for any seasonal draft thereafter has a discounted price to thank you for being a participant with us up to 35% off the new contestant entry fee. We also have discount programs such as our discounted gift certificates up to 25% off the beginning of the year, and our random drawings each month where contestants receive 50% off that month's fantasy draft entry fees.

We also provide personalized mailed monthly updates in our seasonal drafts at no extra charge, as some of the other companies charge an additional fee. So be aware that some of the other companies charge extra fees for trades or updates, as those fees can well exceed the original entry fee. We NOW also provide at no extra cost, contestant standings and player points via our web site every week in our full season football fantasy draft, and daily updates on all our monthly or specialty drafts.

We also offer an All Drafts Annual Championship with no additional entry fee with $30,000 in prizes as a way to say thank you to you the contestants.
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for more information on the All Drafts Annual Championship.

Each fantasy draft you you enter you are now also included in the All Drafts Annual Championship and two of our 5 other annual sports championships. The 6 annual championships offer an additional $105,000 total in prizes and no additional entry fee is required.

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Our Prizes Are Guaranteed!

We have paid out over $3.9 Million in prizes since 1993.

We would like to make you aware that there are several fantasy drafts that declare an amount of prizes that they are giving away. Then in small print, or in a disclosure, they state that the prize money to be given out is based on a certain number of entries. What these drafts have done is guarantee themselves a minimal loss with a big window for profit. They are now asking you, the contestants, to take the risk while lowering their risk. For example; a fantasy draft might say that the prizes are $50,000, then state that is based on a total number of entries reaching 10,000, and if they do not receive the 10,000 entries the prize money then will be a percentage of the total entry fees received. Now you, the contestant, have the dilemma of believing you are playing for $50,000 in prizes and find out the next month, or perhaps the end of the season, your entry fee is going towards perhaps only $25,000 or even much less than that in prizes!

None of us in this business know in advance how many entries we will receive on any given fantasy draft; however most providers have some sort of idea based on past history. A fantasy draft provider could intentionally advertise prize money based on a higher number of entries than they really expect, and then, with the aforementioned disclaimer, protect themselves from having to pay the advertised prizes when they get near the expected number of entries.

We at Sports Fanatics Player Drafts feel that the number of entries should be our risk and not the contestant's. We have in the past lost several thousands of dollars on a draft, but would remind you, our prizes are GUARANTEED and we have paid out all of our prize money as advertised.

We have found, by entering several other companies fantasy drafts, that they range in Prize money from $500 to $100,000 with entry fees ranging from $9.95 to over $2,000. We have also found that most fantasy drafts similar to ours, with an entry fee of $39.95 to $250 and prizes from $25,000 to $50,000, have entry numbers ranging from 5,000 up to 65,000. We have seen since we started in 1993 over 241 competitors come and go, due to the high level of competition. Most fantasy drafts are now corporate owned, by television or magazine companies and very few independents left. We have found that the few independents that are left will probably thrive and grow, but not at the pace of the corporate providers, due to extraordinarily high advertising expenses.

I think the greatest asset we have is that we do and greatly enjoy the personal contact by phone, letters, email or fax that we receive and always respond to, and notice that most the corporate owned businesses have no way of contacting an individual by phone, so they do not offer the personal touch we do and greatly enjoy. We are in the business for the duration and look forward to growing slowly but steadily. Providing fantasy drafts with integrity and fairness and the assurance that we enforce, the rules as written equally to everyone with no exceptions. We feel that the integrity and fairness of our drafts, and our personal touch is what you the customer demands, as that is what every customer wants, is to know that the fantasy drafts they choose is fair to all that participate, even when it is requires returning many entries each fantasy draft that were sent in even one day late or faxed minutes late even if it happens to be yours (which as of January 1st, 2014 exceeds 46,700 entries we have had to refuse for late entry.).

We now only keep track of the number of entries we have had to refuse for being faxed, mailed or emailed late, as keeping track of the money refused and returned has become way to depressing.

Our 2014 football fantasy draft had 1,423 entries from 519 contestants, and with 261 total prizes better and 1 of 2 contestants won a prize. Of course the fewer number of contestants vying for the prize money improves the odds of winning. In 2014 better than 1 in 3 contestants Won a prize in our Baseball fantasy drafts. We are now seeing internet only fantasy sports contests that are being sponsored by several sponsors and offering a free entry, however in their contests they have 100's of thousands of entries to millions of entries and only offer about 1 to 10 cash prizes, so about only 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 1,000,000 contestants win a prize compared to our average of 1 in 2 contestants.

The fantasy sports drafts we now offer are listed below by sports category:

The fantasy sports drafts we now offer are listed below by sports category:

We may also be adding new fantasy drafts in the future.

We hope that we have given you some ideas, information, and a good understanding about our business as well as what others offer. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you well in any sports fantasy draft you might choose to enter.

Thank You, Mike and Michelle Tayler

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