The 2020 All Drafts Annual Championship
The 2020 1st Entry Only Annual Championship
The 2020 Golf Annual Championship -
The 2020 Basketball Annual Championship

Because of the coronavirus all upcoming fantasy drafts are currently on hold.

Please note:
We will keep the website up until April and at that time decide if we can start up our fantasy drafts again.
Due to the covid19 virus we were forced to sell our home, and are currently in the process of looking for a home.
We do not know where we will end up at this time and hope to have access to our email again in a few weeks to a month.
We are keeping our P O Box open and will try to pick up our mail every month.
We had to turn off our 800 number and at this time do not have a phone.
We are truly sorry and want to thank all of our loyal contestants and do hope you all stay safe and we hope we can continue in April.

Sports Fanatics Player Drafts is a family owned and operated business by Mike & Michelle Tayler that have been providing fantasy sports contests since 1993 and has paid over $3.9 million in prizes. Our prize money is guaranteed and checks are mailed within seven days of the completion of the fantasy draft. We provide fantasy sports drafts with all prize money guaranteed, for monthly and seasonal baseball, basketball, football and golf drafts. Also offering playoffs and world series and playoffs and super bowl fantasy drafts. There are monthly drafts for basketball as well as the NBA playoffs. Also NCAA tournament fantasy draft, and college bowls fantasy draft. We also offer 6 annual championships at no additional entry fee, with $105,000 in the year 2020. click here for more information.

We now offer contestants the abilility open and setup an account to pay for their fantasy drafts with Sports Fanatics Player Drafts:

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Sorry, there are no fantasy drafts open for entry at this time.

Because of the coronavirus all fantasy drafts are currently on hold.

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Below is a list of all the Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Golf Fantasy Drafts we offer, the prizes and entry fees for each and estimated odds of winning a prize.

Fantasy Football Drafts: click here for more information on all the football fantasy drafts Fantasy Baseball Drafts: click here for more information on all the baseball fantasy drafts Fantasy Basketball Drafts: click here for more information on all the basketball fantasy drafts Fantasy Golf Drafts: click here for more information on all the golf fantasy drafts
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No refunds after a fantasy contest officially begins.

All customer information is held strictly with Sports Fanatics Player Drafts,
and is never sold or distributed to any other parties.

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