NBA Players Fantasy Draft Entry Form

Sports Fanatics Player Drafts

NBA Players Fantasy Draft Entry Form

for March 1st thru April 15th

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The entry deadline is 10 am PST Sunday, March 01, 2020.

Entries must be posted on the website by 10 am PST Sunday, March 01, 2020.
Entries posted here after noon PST Sunday, March 01, 2020 will not be accepted!!!
Mailed entries must be postmarked by Saturday, February 29th.
Player points will be posted online daily
Standings and all entries player selections will be posted on the web site daily beginning the 10th.
All entry's 16 player selections are listed, showing you what players
the contestants in front of you and behind you have selected, will be updated daily in rank order.

It is past the deadline for entering the March contest.
Please enter the April contest.


Grand Prize $1,000

  • Second place - $500
  • Third place - $350
  • Fourth place - $250
  • Fifth place - $150
  • 6th thru 10th places - $100 each
  • 11th thru 25th places - $50 Gift certificate each
  • 26th thru 30th places - $20 Gift certificate each

Prizes are awarded for the most points accumulated March 1st thru April 15th.
OUR PRIZES ARE GUARANTEED, and NOT based on number of entries received.

Entry Information

Player Selections

Select one player from each of the 16 groups. This will be your team of 16 players you hold March thru April 15th.
You receive points your players score during the time defined above.

Because the player selection list was prepared on the 12th some of the players may be injured or retired.

There are no player trades in this draft.

Point Scoring System

  • One point for each point scored.
  • One point for each rebound.
  • One point for each assist.

Tie Breakers

Ties for any prizes will be broken by applying tie breakers in the following order:
  1. Points in group one, then group two and so on thru group 16.
In the event a tie still remains, prizes for those places will be added together and divided equally.
Example: A tie for first and second places would be $1,000 and $500 divided equally at $750 each.

Entry Fee

The contest entry fee is $20 for the first entry, and only $10 for each additional entry.
This reduced multiple entry rate is per contestant. Multiple discounted entries must be all in one name.
You will not be officially entered into the draft until we receive your credit card number, check or money order, which must be received by November 1st. If you wish to enter multiple times indicate so in the counters above the submit button. As you submit multiple entries, each is acknowledged with a message and the entry counter is advanced. To submit the next entry you then need only make the changes you desire in the form below the message and submit.

Previous Contestants

If you have been a previous contestant with Sports Fanatics Player Drafts please check the previous contestant box. If you know your contestant ID from a previous report, enter it in the ID boxes.

If you have a change of address, please check the change of address box and enter the new address information. In this instance your contestant ID number would be helpful.

Email Address

The Email address is optional. However, if you provide an Email address we will use it to acknowledge receipt of your entry and your payment. We may also use it to inform you of any future contests. You will always get our regular mailing for this contest via the US postal service.

Entry Errors

We do some immediate validation of the information on the submitted form. If we find a problem, a message will be presented defining the problem. You can then make any required changes in the form below the message and resubmit.


All contestants will receive a report listing your team score and ranking and a list of the winners and their scores.
These reports and prizes will be mailed by the 6th.

Online Updates

The NBA Players fantasy drafts we post the player points daily, beginning March 2nd
we will list every entry's 16 player selections on the web site daily and list them in rank order
so it will be easier for you to follow the standings. Example:
We have not yet found any other fantasy draft company that offers this service to the contestants.

When entering the NBA Players Fantasy Draft for March you are automatically entered
at no additional entry fee into these 3 championships.

2020 Basketball Annual Championship with $15,000 in prizes.
2020 1st Entry Only Annual Championship with $5,000 in prizes.
2020 All Drafts Annual Championship with $30,000 in prizes.

We provide several alternate methods of paying the entry fee. Please check the method you prefer. We can honor only VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER credit cards.

If you do not provide a credit number with your entry you when paying for your entry, please reference your name and ID number as it will help us associate your payment with your entry. We request that you pay for your entry within two days of submitting it.

It is past the deadline for entering the March contest.
Please enter the April contest.

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