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2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament Challenge Entry Form

The online entry deadline is noon PST Saturday March 2nd
Any entries posted after noon PST Saturday March 2nd will not be accepted and are void.
It is past the deadline for entering as of 2019, March 2nd this year's challenge.

Team points will be posted online DAILY
Standings will be posted on the web site beginning March 18th then DAILY thereafter.
All contestant's 16 team selections will be listed, showing you what teams the contestants
in front of you and behind you have selected, and will be updated DAILY in rank order.

$2,000 for 1st place, and 25 total prizes!

Cash Prizes

1st Place $2,000

Prizes are awarded for the most points accumulated for NCAA Mens' Basketball Tournament

OUR PRIZES ARE GUARANTEED and are NOT based on number of entries received.

When entering a Basketball Fantasy Draft you are automatically entered at no additional entry fee into the 3 annual championships listed below.

The All Drafts Annual Championship with $30,000 in prizes,
the 1st Entry Only Annual Championship with $5,000 in prizes,
and the Basketball Annual Championship with $15,000 in prizes
for a total in the three Annual Championships of $50,00 in prizes.

Team Selections

Select any 16 teams from the list of 100 teams. This will be your entry of 16 team selections you hold for selection Sunday thru the tournament.

The challenge is to select teams that will be selected for the NCAA Men's Tournament with the highest seeding and then tournament winns. Your selections receive points based on their seeding in the tournament. There are 4 teams selected for each seeding position 1 thru 16. The teams you select also receive points for each win thru the finals.

Point Scoring System

Points for the NCAA Tournament are awarded as follows.