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We are providing  Sports Fanatics Player Drafts accounts so that we can have weekly online only contests with entry fees of less than $10. Our out of pocket cost of processing an entry fee payment of less than $10 is such that this processing cost either exceeds or is such a large percentage of the fee that there is very little or no money left for prize money. With a minimum account deposit value of $10 we have one out of pocket processing fee and the contestant  can enter multiple $1, $3 or $5 contests. After an account is started there is no cost to us for paying an entry fee out of the account balance thus we can provide contests with these smaller entry fees.


All account transactions are recorded and saved in an online data base. The account owner can request and see online all of these transactions and the account balance. In addition, if an email address is provided, an email is sent to the account holder which defines each of these transactions as they occur.

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All account transactions can be initiated by clicking the appropriate link below except for making entry fee payments which are done on the online entry form.
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