SportsDrafts Account Display Form

You may use this form to check your account balance and to see the transactions on your account.
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These are required feilds.

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____________Transactions to Display_____________

These are optional feilds.
If you enter no data in these feild the transactions will be displayed from the most recent to the oldest with a limit of 20 entries displayed.
If a number of transactions to display is indicated a maxumum of that number of transactions will be displayed.
If a start and end date are indicated only transactions inclusive between these dates will be displayed.
Dates must be indicated in the form of 2014/06/09 which is year/month/day with a 4 digit year and two digit month and day.

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______________Email Address___________________

These are optional feilds.
If you provide an email address in your account we will use it to notify you of all transactions on your account.
When you first started your account you had the option of providing an email address.
By checking the "Change Email Address" check box below you can provide the Email address, change or remove the Email address.
If the check box is checked the content of the email field below will replace the email address in your account.
If the email field is blank this will replace the account email address and you will not recieve email notification of account activity.

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