Sports Fanatics Player Drafts

2007 All Drafts Annual Championship!

with $20,000 in Prizes and NO additional entry fee.

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The Prizes for most Total Points

NOW! Bigger prizes 5th thru 30th place.
The Champion wins $4,000

  • 2nd place; $2,500
  • 3rd place; $2,000
  • 4th place; $1,500
  • 5th place; $1,200
  • 6th place $1,000
  • 7th Place; $750
  • 8th place; $600
  • 9th place; $500
  • 10th place; $450
  • 11th-25th place; $200 each
  • 26th-30th place; $100 gift certificate each
  • 31st-50th place; $50 gift certificate each
  • 51st-100th place; $20 gift certificate each

    The 2007 All Drafts Annual Championship Information

    Each fantasy draft you enter starting in February with the NBA Players and Golf drafts thru the Playoffs and SuperBowl XLII, you will recieve points based on your best finish in that fantasy draft.

    Thus the more fantasy drafts you enter the more points you will accumulate for the season towards the Championship.

    Examples: If you enter the February Golf and it has 500 entries and you finish in 1st place you would receive 500 points, 2nd place 499 points and so on all the way to last place for 1 point. The NBA Players fantasy draft for February and it has 600 entries and you finish in 1st place you would recieve 600 points, 2nd place 599 points and so on.

    We will post your rank and points on your updates for each fantasy draft you enter towards the championship. We will also post the standings and points, first to last place on the web site after each fantasy draft. The 150 prizes and winner's list will be mailed after the Playoffs and SuperBowl fantasy draft, to every contestant that paricipates in any of our 2007 fantasy drafts thru the Playoffs and Super Bowl XLII.

    When entering a fantasy draft with more than 1 entry only your highest place finish in that draft will receive points.

    All of Sports Fanatics Player Drafts, fantasy drafts will be included in the 2007 All Drafts Annual Championhip.
    The current list of fantasy drafts are:
    February Golf, NBA Players for February, March Golf, March NBA Players, Men's Basketball Tournament, April Baseball, April NBA Players, April Golf, May Golf, NBA Playoffs, May Baseball, June Golf, June Baseball, July Golf, July Baseball, August Golf, August Baseball, September Baseball, Baseball Post Season Challenge, Baseball Playoffs and World Series, 2007 Football, Football Weekly Team Winner, Football Post Season Challenge, October Football, November Football, December Football, College Football Bowls, NBA Players for November, NBA Players for December and NBA Players for January 2008, Playoffs and Super Bowl XLII.

    Note: If any new fantasy drafts are added during the year of 2007 they will be included in the All Drafts Annual Championship.

    This $20,000 in prizes is our special way of saying thank you to all that participate!

    Click here for current 2007 contestant points and standings.

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    Click here for FINAL 2005 contestant standings.

    New! Cash Paid Contestant Referral Program

    We would much rather pay our contestants and individuals to help advertise our fantasy drafts,
    rather than pay newspapers, magazines and other large companies to advertise.
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    If you would like us to mail you entry forms for our upcoming fantasy draft contests, please fill out and submit the mail list request form.

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    If you would like us to mail you entry forms for our upcoming fantasy drafts, please fill out and submit our mail list request form.

    Sports Fanatics Player Drafts has been providing fantasy sports drafts since 1993. Our sports drafts include, fantasy baseball each month April thru September, fantasy baseball post season challenge, fantasy baseball playoffs and world series, full season fantasy football, fantasy football weekly team winners, fantasy football monthly October thru December, fantasy football post season challenge, fanasy football playoffs and super bowl, fantasy football for college bowls, fantasy basketball for the Men's NCAA tournament, fantasy basketball for the NBA in the form of monthly drafts January thru April, fantasy basketball for the NBA Playoffs, fantasy basketball for the months November thru December, and fantasy golf for the PGA and Senior PGA golf tournaments February thru August. Our fantasy sports drafts are fun and easy to play. All sports drafts offer online entry, online standings and point lists, online trading for the full season fantasy football, trades for the football are included in the entry fee, and all fantasy football contestants are allowed 16 trades each, which keeps every contestant on the same playing field so to speak. All contestant player selections are listed in rank order first to last place for all monthly and playoff sports drafts, to better help the contestants follow the standings. We also offer our 5 annual championships with automatic entry when entering a fantasy sports drafts. The 5 annual championships will offer an additional $70,000 in prizes. All of our fantasy sports drafts and annual championships have guaranteed prizes, and the prize money is NOT based on entries received like most of our competitors. All winners payments are sent out within 5 days of the completion of the fantasy draft. We hope that our fantasy sports provide excitement in fantasy sports as well as providing our contestants another outlet in enjoying baseball, basketball, football and golf.

    If you would like us to mail you entry forms for our upcoming fantasy drafts, please fill out and submit our mail list request form. -- Revised: 02/10/07

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